About Us

Superior Love Merits Superior Treats


It’s amazing how much love and laughter our pets bring into our lives.

They are our companions, protectors, comforters, and so much more.

Our pets love us. And, we love treating our pets to the best treats possible.

Finding amazing, local, and high quality pet products isn’t easy, but it should be, and now it can be.


Hotdog & Charlie makes gift giving simple by doing all of the hard work for you.


We scour the nation for exciting new businesses in the pet industry that have outstanding, innovative products, that we know you and your pets will love.

Then we partner with these companies and select the very best items for each, carefully curated, Boutique Gift Box.

But the fun doesn’t end there, because we also offer a selection of add-on treats that can be ordered with your Gift Boxes or separately.

And Last, but not least, every purchase that you make from Hotdog & Charlie is a purchase that you will feel good about, because not only are you helping to build and support our small business, but also the small businesses that we partner with, which in turn builds a stronger economy, and a more connected community. We love that part the most, and send our heart-filled thanks for your support.


We value each and every customer, and their owners too!